Discover A Step-By-Step Process To Recover, Heal And Thrive After Divorce

Free book uncovers how to move past feelings of heartbreak, anger and regret by reinventing divorce as a springboard to your best life, even if you're feeling overwhelmed at starting over...
5 Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Divorce Recovery:
This exclusive course uncovers the 5 most destructive lies women are told about divorce, starting with divorce means you’ve failed. (Spoiler: it’s not true!) Busting these myths will eliminate some of your biggest divorce fears and ease your mind.

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Inside Your Free Copy You Will Find the Keys To:
  • Take charge of your post-divorce life rather than feeling stuck and powerless.
  • Gain skills and tools you need to handle the emotional impact of divorce.
  • Lessen your fear and lift your spirits so you can focus on healing and rebuilding.
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When it's over, but you're not over it...

Divorce is a breathtaking ending to the dreams you had for your life on the day you got married. 

If you’re like most people fear, doubt, regret, shame and anger can linger for months and even years after divorce.  

You want to get over it... You Want To Rebuild Your Life...

When it comes to divorce, we all tend to feel some degree of shame. We don’t go into marriage planning on going up in flames—no matter how it ended, there can be a lingering sense of failure. 

In fact, when you tell people you’re getting divorced, the first response is usually, “I’m sorry” which is social proof that something has gone terribly wrong.

The good news is that you’re not alone. 

Most of us who’ve gone through divorce have had one or more of these feelings . . . 

  • “I’m devastated and I don’t know how or when I’ll get over it.”
  • “I’m stuck in bitterness, blame and anger toward my Ex.”
  • “I thought my marriage would last and I’m heartbroken because it didn’t.”
  • “I feel so guilty about how this is affecting my kids.”
  • “I want to start over but I’m still so angry and sad.”

After my divorce in 2005, I felt guilt, shame and anger. I never expected to be in ranks of the divorced and it left me feeling powerless, alone and out of control. 

I knew there had to be a better way.

On one of my darkest days, it hit me that divorce is like getting a life “do-over” only now I had more wisdom and experience to work. I had a choice about how I wanted to use my divorce experience. 

I suddenly knew that I had the power to reinvent divorce for myself in a way that was healing and empowering.

The process I went through was so powerful and transformational, I felt called to put it to together to help others suffering in the same position I was. 

Through coaching those struggling to recover from divorce to heal and move on, I developed a method that helps transform divorce from a life low point to an important catalyst for growth. And, yes, even happiness.

This Is Your Step-by-Step Process to Recover, Heal and Thrive After Divorce

So, you may be wondering, “Can this book really help me?” 

That depends on your willingness to do the single most important thing that will determine how fast you’ll recover from your divorce. 

It’s simply this: make the decision to use your divorce to learn, grow and evolve so you can move out of pain and into the life you want for yourself.

“How do I do that?” you might ask. You’re in exactly the right place to get the answers. 

This Book Can Help If You’re Ready To:

  Transform anger, blame and regret into joy, acceptance and personal power.

  Embrace the gifts and lessons of your divorce.

  Peacefully co-exist with your ex-spouse.

  Support your kids in healing and thriving after divorce.

  Develop your plan for creating your life the way you’ve always wanted it.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at Some of the Insights You’ll Find Inside the Book . . .
  • The truth about marriage and why so many are set up to fail. 
  • The three biggest mistakes people make when trying to recover from divorce.
  • How to tell if your divorce story is holding you back.
  • Tools to help you move past anger, blame and bitterness toward your Ex.
  • The simple secret to mentally and emotionally overcome a difficult Ex.
  • The most important thing you must do to free yourself from shame and blame and find peace and acceptance.
  • How to identify your starting point and measure your progress through your divorce recovery process.
  • Practical and down-to-earth approach to shift your mindset and perspective to be more self-supporting.
  • Powerful mood management tools to help lift you on bad days and make good days even better.
  • The easiest way to get the support you need and want from your friends and family.
  • How to ensure your kids thrive after your divorce and how to avoid these 4 poison parenting mistakes.
  • Fun and inspiring steps to reinvent yourself and create a new life you love, staring right now.

Something Gained Has Over 200 Five-Star Reviews!
But First, A Warning...

This book is not for people who are attached to their story of being a victim of divorce.

Something Gained: 7 Shifts to Be Stronger, Smarter & Happier After Divorce is for three types of people:

  • You need help and you’re open to new ways of thinking about divorce that are more hopeful and encouraging than what you’re used to hearing.
  • You intend to recover, heal and thrive after divorce and you’re actively supporting yourself in doing that.
  • Although down, you’re far from out. You’re ready to take back your power and you’re seeking tools and resources to help you bounce back better than ever. 

Right now this book is FREE. All I ask is that you help me cover the postage and packaging costs which are $7.95 Domestic or $12.95 International to get it into your hands so you can begin your transformation.

Don't worry - there's absolutely NO CATCH! 

My goal is to get this book out to those who are navigating or have come through a divorce, and who are open to new ways of thinking and ready to expand, rise and transcend their current situation.

But time is of the essence. There's a limited number of copies for this promotion and it takes 4 weeks to re-order another batch so this is likely the only time you'll see this page...

As of Today we have limited copies remaining for this promotion.

Meet The Author - Deb Purdy

You know those people who smile and say “Hello” when you pass them on the hiking trail? That’s me! I believe in kindness, optimism, a healthy sense of humor & deep, heart-centered listening...

I’m passionate about growing into the highest and best version of myself that I can be. I’m an entrepreneur who writes books, coaches, speaks and creates courses and content with one aim: helping you to grow into the version of YOU that you most want to be. 

My book, Something Gained: 7 Shifts to Be Stronger, Smarter & Happier After Divorce, focuses on how to recover and heal from divorce and use it as a catalyst for deeper self-awareness, healing and ultimately using the divorce experience to evolve and grow.

The process I went through to reinvent my life after my own divorce was so powerful and transformational that I felt called to help others. Today, I help awaken you to your power to use every challenge as a learning lab to gain more self-awareness and self-compassion and to move you forward toward your best life.

It means the world to me that my work has helped thousands of people navigate life’s most difficult experiences and come out stronger and more joyful on the other side. 

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