Free Book Reveals A Proven Strategy To Become Stronger, Smarter & Happier After Divorce
Discover how to move past feelings of shame, anger and regret by reinventing divorce as a springboard to your best life, even if you're feeling overwhelmed at starting over...
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5 Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Divorce Recovery:
This exclusive course uncovers the 5 most destructive lies women are told about divorce, starting with divorce means you’ve failed. (Spoiler: it’s not true!) Busting these myths will eliminate some of your biggest divorce fears and ease your mind.

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"A roadmap for transforming the trauma of divorce"

Dan Valentine - PHD

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When it's over but you're not over it...

Whether you're newly divorced or have been divorced for a long while, feelings of fear, doubt, regret, embarrassment or overwhelm can linger for months and even years. If you're past the upheaval of the actual divorce, you might be experiencing residual anger, blame or shame. You want to get over it... You want to rebuild your life...

The good news is that you have a choice about how to view your divorce experience. You have the power to reinvent divorce for yourself in a way that makes you stronger, happier and more peaceful.

This FREE book gives you the context, along with very practical and useful tools to confront the many challenges that come along with divorce. From making sure your kids thrive, to teaching people how to support you, to reinventing your relationship with your Ex and building your life the way you always wanted it to be. 

This book can help if you’ve been divorced & you’re ready to:
  • Transform anger, blame and regret into joy, acceptance and personal power
  • Embrace the gifts and lessons of your divorce
  • Peacefully co-exist with your ex-spouse
  • Support your kids in healing and thriving after divorce
  • Develop your plan for creating your life the way you’ve always wanted it
  • And much, much more...
What do Others Love About This Book?
Meet The Author - Deb Purdy

You know those people who smile and say “Hello” when you pass them on the hiking trail? That’s me! I believe in kindness, optimism, a healthy sense of humor & deep, heart-centered listening...

I’m passionate about growing into the highest and best version of myself that I can be. I’m an entrepreneur who writes books, coaches, speaks and creates courses and content with one aim: helping you to grow into the version of YOU that you most want to be. 

My book, Something Gained: 7 Shifts to Be Stronger, Smarter & Happier After Divorce, focuses on how to recover and heal from divorce and use it as a catalyst for deeper self-awareness, healing and ultimately using the divorce experience to evolve and grow.

The process I went through to reinvent my life after my own divorce was so powerful and transformational that I felt called to help others. Today, I help awaken you to your power to use every challenge as a learning lab to gain more self-awareness and self-compassion and to move you forward toward your best life.

It means the world to me that my work has helped thousands of people navigate life’s most difficult experiences and come out stronger and more joyful on the other side. 

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